Pennyhill Park FAM (October 2016)

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Our last FAM trip for the year was held at Pennyhill Park  who certainly looked after the group well. Our group arrived at Sunningdale station where we were whisked off to Pennyhill Park, just a 15 minute drive from the station.  On arriving at the property, you are immediately blown away by the grounds and you very much feel like you are amongst the fab Surrey countryside.

Our group started with a site visit, seeing the screening room first where we were given a brief overview of the property whilst we snacked on sweets and popcorn (which all can be branded bespoke). The screening room would be fabulous addition to your event, you could use it for so many things.  After the screening room we made our way around the various event space which all had state-of-the-art technology and super-fast Wi-Fi.  All the event spaces have natural daylight and range from rooms to accommodate up to 200 people. What really blew us away was the inbuilt av – not having to bring in external equipment makes life so much easier.

After we had our site visit of Pennyhill Park we were whisked away once again to another Exclusive property, Royal Berkshire.  Royal Berkshire is a 63 bedroom property that has 11 meeting and function rooms and would be amazing for a buyout for a small event. You would have the whole property and it would work so well for a multitude of events. I loved the mix of new and old style reflected in both the bedrooms and the meeting rooms and attendees would be blown away by the “energy zone” where delegates could grab a coffee and play a game of old school Pac Man or the “55” Smart Screens in the meeting rooms.  They even have huge bean bags in some of the meeting rooms for something completely different. The Royal Berkshire would work ever so well as an overflow hotel if you needed more than the 123 bedrooms than Pennyhill Park can provide as well.

After seeing our second property it was back to Pennyhill Park for a bit of downtime where nearly every one of us had a bath in our amazing bedrooms.  One of our guests had a room that had a horizontal shower, the other had a piano and a room split over two floors.  I had a uber cool ying/yang bath which I managed to use not once but three times in 24 hours where you can dim the lights and watch tv.  It was hand on heart.. AMAZING and I will remember it forever (am already trying to convince the husband we should put one in our bathroom)!

Pre-dinner drinks were up next where the owner of PennyHill Park, Mr Danny Pecorelli judged a cocktail competition for us where we each had to test a cocktail and name the ingredients.  The cocktails are part of the hotels exclusive cocktail list on the bar menu and most of us, I am proud to say, did pretty well. We then moved over for dinner in the private dining room where we had the most amazing meal of mushroom risotto to start and an amazing chump of lamb, most of us where hard pressed to finish the pudding. We may have struggled however we still ate it all!

As always, after dinner drinks where great fun and a lot of the group had very sore heads the next morning. The hotel’s bar is fabulous with live music and a great atmosphere, it was so much fun.

Saturday morning saw us with free time to explore the hotel and the all-important spa! I am yet to mention the spa as it needs its own paragraph.  The spa is quite frankly my now most favourite place in the world and I am practically begging my husband to buy me membership.  It is one of Europe’s best spas and you can see why. The spa contains over 20 different treatment rooms and is set of 45,000 sw. ft. of pure relaxation.

There are 8 indoor pools and hot tubs and steam rooms, ice igloos and you can actually take yourself on a thermal sequencing journey through all the rooms.  This would be amazing as an add on to your group event for both men and women – it is just fabulous.  Along with the spa, there is a 9-hole golf course and an abundance of grounds that you can use for a variety of team building activities.

Our group loved Pennyhill Park.  If you need any information on the property for your events you can contact Ratnesh, here.

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