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It’s a challenge sometimes to be creative, coming up with ideas for your corporate off sites and retreats, but alas.. look no further – India is your answer! Known for its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and rich history, India offers a truly immersive experience that can elevate your corporate event to the next level. When working with Destinations Unlimited and Distinct Destinations India, they will show you why India is an ideal destination for your corporate events and provide invaluable insights and recommendations to ensure your event is successful. 

Why Choose India for Your Corporate Event?

India’s allure as a corporate event destination is irresistible. Its combination of ancient traditions and modern amenities creates an unforgettable backdrop for any event. Here’s why you should consider India:

1.      Cultural Diversity: India’s diverse culture allows you to curate a truly unique event experience, blending local customs with your corporate objectives.

2.      Spectacular Venues: From historical palaces to luxurious resorts, India offers a range of venues that can accommodate events of all sizes.

3.      Professional Event Services: India’s hospitality industry is known for its top-notch services, ensuring a seamless experience for event planners and attendees alike.

4.      Scenic Landscapes: Whether you’re looking for urban sophistication or natural beauty, India has it all – from bustling cities to serene beaches and breathtaking mountains.

5.      Culinary Delights: Treat your attendees to an array of flavors with India’s diverse cuisine, ranging from street food to fine dining.

Flights from the UK to India: Connecting the Dots

To make your journey planning easier, India boasts many daily flights connecting the UK and various Indian cities. With a multitude of flights available daily, you can choose the most convenient options for your event attendees.

Hotels Fit for Corporate Excellence

When it comes to accommodation, India offers a plethora of options that cater to your corporate event needs. Here are a few noteworthy hotels:

Taj Palace, New Delhi

Location: New Delhi


ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Location: Chennai


Sample Event Itinerary for a Group of 50

Here’s a glimpse of what your corporate event itinerary could look like:

Day 1: Arrival in India

Welcome reception at the hotel with cultural dancers and an introduction to the amazing food India has to offer

Networking dinner at a local restaurant

Day 2: Conference Day

Morning conference sessions with tea and coffee breaks

Buffet lunch at the hotel

Afternoon breakout sessions & activity options to explore the city and surrounds

Gala dinner with cultural performances

Day 3: Team-building and Exploration

Team-building activities at a nearby park

Lunch at a rooftop restaurant – see the city from a different vantage point

Guided city tour or excursion

Farewell party with themed entertainment

As you can see, India offers a captivating blend of culture, convenience, and luxury for your corporate event. The options are endless, and the memories you’ll create are priceless. So, consider India your next corporate event destination, and let the magic of this remarkable country transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

For more information and personalized assistance in planning your corporate event in India, visit Destinations Unlimited! 

Please note that International travellers will require a visa. You can find out more here: –

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