Why work with a DMC?

At Eventprofslive, we take great pride in delivering unforgettable events and experiences to our members. We understand that every detail matters, so we’ve partnered again this year with Destinations Unlimited, a highly reputable Destination Management Company (DMC) that shares our passion for excellence and a company we proudly recommend.

Working with a DMC can provide unparalleled destination research and on-the-ground support, ensuring your events are executed seamlessly and flawlessly. With Destinations Unlimited’s extensive experience in destination management, their team can navigate the intricacies of local culture, resources, and logistics, providing tailored solutions to meet specific event objectives. Whether it’s an exotic tropical paradise or a bustling metropolitan city, their diverse portfolio of breathtaking locations offers a wealth of options for our members via their DMC’s. Full list here.

With Destinations Unlimited, they work with DMC’s to curate unforgettable experiences that align with an event planner’s vision and goals. Their comprehensive event services include everything from venue selection and transportation logistics to accommodation management, creative theming, entertainment sourcing, audiovisual production, and much more. With their established network of trusted partners and cost-effective solutions, we can enhance the value and success of your event.

Working with a DMC means you can sometimes offload the responsibilities of managing destination events, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making and other crucial event elements. With their expertise in anticipating and mitigating risks, they can ensure a smooth and secure experience for your event attendees, minimizing potential disruptions or complications.

We decided to partner originally with Destinations Unlimited as their unparalleled destination knowledge blew us away. They represent many unique locations worldwide, from exotic tropical paradises to bustling metropolitan cities and they have DMC’s in locations that work for our members and, for us in our day jobs!

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