Music bingo with wildfire – The experience agency (may 2021)

On a gloomy Tuesday in May after the first bank holiday weekend in the UK where we had some restrictions lifted which meant sore heads still from the weekend we were all in need of a pick up and Nathan Angus from Wildfire – The Experience Agency was the man for the job!

Wildfire – The Experience Agency aim to provide exceptional experiences via their online team building activities, their high energy and adrenalin in-person activities, a range of themed evenings, all the props you could ever need for an event and their event management services. We certainly had an exceptional experience with our music bingo evening which is part of their online team building activities.

We were welcomed to the evening by Nathan our host for the evening and everyone can breath a sigh of relief as the energy was high, the delivery was on point and it didn’t feel like a Zoom meeting or another quiz – winner!!!! After an introduction to the “rules” of the game we were all sent our bingo sheets and off we went into our teams in breakout rooms to work together to identify song titles and artists via a number of clues from anagrams, Emojis and riddles – our competitive sides were out and our hangovers from the bank holiday weekend were forgotten. After battling away with the clues, we all returned as a group for our chance to shout bingo by listening to clips of the songs to match them to our answers from the clues – we think we were all enjoying the music to much with singing and dancing taking place in our living rooms!

If you are looking for a high energy team building activity, an ice breaker to be included in a wider conference or a general motivational activity then Nathan and his team are for you. As well as the online offerings, the team are ready and waiting for the return of in-person events so they can certainly help you with those options as well. Reach out to Nathan here and let him know we recommended him.

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