Elevating engagement of digital events with Pure communications group (January 2021)

We’ve all been in the world of delivering digital events for nearly 10 months (where has the time gone?!) and for our first event of 2021, we wanted to take a step back and reflect on what we have achieved but also discuss how we can elevate the engagement of our digital events programme. 

Pure Communications Group joined us to share their thoughts, insights and expertise on how to deliver engaging, thought provoking and strategic digital events.  Charlotte shared a number of useful insights that we were able to take back to our team to enhance our event programmes, our key takeaways are:

  1. 2021 is the year to think outside of the box, we need to be even more creative than we were in 2020.
  2. It is no longer the case that we can transfer an in-person event to a digital event, not all content can switch to an online format, and we now need to be thinking of a digital events strategy which is a different concept to our usual in-person event strategy.
  3. Content and messaging is key with digital events!  Rather than jumping straight to how the event will be delivered, the content and messaging needs to be scoped out first. 
  4. Tailor each event to the audience, make them feel connected and include elements that add either a social or energising element!

We also discussed the world of teambuilding activities and how you can incorporate these into your strategic events for your leadership team or wider employee engagement programmes.  We took part in the Face Whisper Revealed, a strategic experience, with Adrienne Carter.  Adrienne will help you and your team to understand the science of how people are feeling which will help you to take your communication and leadership skills to the next level.  With all our interactions with people via a computer screen, reading body language to understand how someone is truly feeling has never been so important.  During this workshop, Adrienne will teach attendees how to read face expressions and body language of people around them and how they could apply this new skill to bond with their team, clients, suppliers, partners and collaborators.  After all, the face says it all!

If you have any questions on how you can elevate your digital events programme and/or on social team building events please do reach out to Charlotte directly and let her know we sent you her way. 

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