Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club (November 2018)

Keeping on top of the latest venues opening in London is a full-time job but as Event Managers we are always on the look-out for the latest new place – Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club is the latest bar to dock in the City!  Last night, we were lucky enough to host an event for some of our members within a week of the venue opening!!  Inspired by Mr Fogg’s wife, the venue pays homage to India via the decorative touches, furnishings and of course the food and drink.

There are 4 spaces within the venue that are perfect for your event needs!  First up is the Maritime Club which can hold up to 200 guests (or sailors if we are going with the theme…) this area is known as “Upper Deck” and it certainly has that feel with the ceiling featuring flags of the world and touches of the naval world around the space including a lifeboat!!!  As well as hiring the entire Upper Deck, it is a great space for smaller groups like ourselves, we had a great spot soaking up the atmosphere of the venue as well as taking a seat in the lifeboat!   We were all really impressed with the Rangoon Steamer space which is decorated beautifully – the space is a life-size version of the boat that Mr and Mrs Fogg entered London on (those that know us know that we love a bit of a history story….), this is a perfect place for a small drinks reception for up to 40 guests, all self-contained with its own private bar!!  Below Deck there are two further spaces which include the Engine Room for up to 20 guests and a further space for up to 150 guests with a DJ booth/stage etc so super versatile for day/evening events.  The spaces would work really well for large parties as well as smaller parties so plenty of options for all.

The food was very yummy especially the chicken tandoori and the chili cheese toasties – they will certainly be crowd pleasers after a few rums!! The food is very much tapas style dishes with the Indian connection so perfect for sharing among your guests.

We had a great evening checking out Mrs Fogg’s and enjoying the hospitality from the team.  We, of course, loved being able to catch up on all things events and non-events related topics with some of our fantastic members whilst enjoying lovely food and drinks in the club lifeboat!  It was also a great opportunity for our members to meet one of our Partners,  Eventogy, which is a fantastic event management platform that we use to circulate all our communications to our members.

For further information regarding Mrs Fogg’s, get in touch with Ross Slade who will look after you at the latest spot to be in the City – don’t miss the boat on having an adventure at Mrs Fogg’s!!!


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