Belmond British Pullman (February 2019)

When we confirmed our Belmond British Pullman event we were told “you should expect luxury, glamour and an unforgettable adventure through the countryside” and that is exactly what happened earlier this month – it was the most luxurious, glamorous and unforgettable experience!  We wish every Friday was that exciting….

We met our members and our hosts at the British Pullman check-in at Victoria station –  it was the first time that all our members had turned up before the event had even started, they were that excited about what the day had in store for them (and slightly worried they would miss the train)!!!

After a coffee in the reception area and checking out each other’s glamorous outfits, we were ready to board and as we saw the train on the platform we all looked like cats that had got the cream and that was before we had even stepped on-board!!!

The train is a truly luxury train that gives a nod to everything that was fantastic about the roaring 20s and 30s.  The trains have been lovingly restored and refurbished enabling those lucky enough to be on-board to experience the glamour of vintage rail travel.  As we stepped on-board we certainly did feel like we had stepped back in time, it was magical!!!  We were lucky enough to have a private carriage that seated 20 people to ourselves, for corporate events no number is too small upon the train, you could book a private table for 2, book a private carriage like we had or even hire the entire train.

Before we had even left Victoria our Instagram stories were heating up and our glasses were full with champagne as we toasted to an exciting day ahead.  Our journey took us around Kent but there are many different journeys available, full details of the journeys that are available are on the website.  The staff were super attentive without being intruding, nothing was too much trouble so your guests would be in amazing hands for any events on-board the Belmond British Pullman.

During the day, we experienced a 5 course silver service lunch which was delicious!!!  The food was amazing quality and all cooked in a small kitchen on the train – we know as we got to meet the chef and checked out the kitchen!!  Hats off to the chef and the team!!

As we approached Broadstairs, we were provided with a glass of champagne and the train stopped for a surprise!  We were welcomed on the platform by a band and oysters – what a wonderful way to stretch your legs after a few hours on the train.  We’ve been told that each journey is different but they always add a magical touch.

The Belmond British Pullman is perfect for those events that require an unforgettable experience that is different to anything you’ve offered clients before.  If you have exclusive use of the train, the options open up even more as the team can work with you to tailor the experience even more to your needs, for example, looking into different routes or even using the train experience as the beginning of an even bigger experience with the train transporting your guests to the next venue.  It really does provide a unique experience that you and your clients will be talking about for years to come – we know that we will be talking about this event for years to come!

The British Pullman is one of many properties that the Belmond group can assist with.  After our experience on-board the Belmond British Pullman, we can’t wait to experience what else the group can offer!

For further information, please contact Anna Brant who will be able to help you create an unforgettable experience.


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