Leading Hotels of The World Event (August 2018)

We Event Managers are a busy lot so last night’s event was a dream. We had presentations from six different properties in a property none of us had been to before so it was a double win!

Last nights event was held in conjunction with Leading Hotels of The World and held at Mortmier House. Leading Hotels have their London office in the stunning Mortimer House and what a fab members club it is.

Mortimer House is located right in the middle of London in Fitzrovia and just a short stroll from Tottenham Court Road Station. It is a hub for those who wish to create, work and unwind and find a balance between the three. Its classic design over a variety of meeting and event spaces is well worth a look whether it be to take on a membership or, hire one of their unique spaces for one of your events. As well as the various meeting and event spaces, the ground floor of the building is home to Mortimer House Kitchen servicing Mediterranean cuisine to the public as well as their members… You can find more details on Mortimer House here.

On arrival our guests were checked in and taken up to the sixth floor where champagne was waiting. After a quick catch-up with new members and old, it was time to meet our hotels and listen to a brief presentation on each. Leading Hotels have 375 uncommon properties in 75 countries (worldwide) each one more stunning and unique than the next and we were fortunate the hear from the following properties each of which were all gorgeous and would all make wonderful properties for your offsite retreats, conferences and events.

You can click on below property links to find out about each property.

Hotel Plaza Athénée – New York
La Réserve – Genève
Majestic Hotel & SPA – Barcelona
Okura – Amsterdam
The Lowry – Manchester
Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa – Switzerland

We learnt that The Lowry is the place to stay in Manchester (which we will be seeing on Friday), that the Hotel Plaza Athénée is refurbed every six months, that the Majestic Hotel & Sap in Barcelona is in the best location in Barcelona and that the Waldhaus Flims property is basically like a fairy-tale, it was out of this world gorgeous.

After our presentations, we had some pretty perfect bowl food and canapes. A truffle ravioli, my all-time favourite arancini balls and the ever popular mini burgers finished off our evening wonderfully and we all had a great night.

A huge thanks to Leading Hotels of the World (Mickael) for allowing us the opportunity to see so many wonderful properties in one evening and to Mortimer House for their fabulous hospitality. It really was a great Tuesday.

If you would like further information on any of the properties please reach out to us and we can put you in touch!


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