Leeds Castle FAM (March 2018)

Who doesn’t want to stay in “the loveliest castle in the world”, I mean seriously, if you received an invitation to attend an event there could you say no? We certainly couldn’t and last Friday our March FAM was held at Leeds Castle which really is, the loveliest castle in the world.

Leeds Castle is not in Leeds (as most of us originally thought) , it is in Maidstone Kent and just 50 minutes from London Victoria.  Our FAM started with a fabulous afternoon tea in the Maidens Tower Long Gallery where we caught up with the Leeds Castle team, Meet Beyond London and Conference Maidstone.  After a brief intro it was off outside for a bit of falconry and to meet the stars of Leeds Castle, the birds!  There are five different experiences that you can incorporate into your event, we loved it (especially the Owls) and you can read more about it here.

After meeting the birds it was time to check-in and have a bit of leisure time to enjoy our stunning rooms. Each of The Castle State Rooms have their own stories. As you can imagine the Castle is steeped in history and it was so fascinating to read about what our room had been in the past two hundred years and more importantly… who had slept there.  Apart from being stunning in decoration, the beds where out of this world comfortable. I don’t know if I am getting old but I literally sat on mine, sunk into it and nodded off.  They are the most comfortable beds ever.

Our group then met in the Library for a welcome drink before a full tour of the castle to learn all about its history.  The castle’s most famous owner was of course King Henry VIII and you can read more about all the fascinating history here.  

Leeds Castle
After the tour it was off for a fabulous dinner in the Dining Room where we got to know our hosts and dined on asparagus tart, duck and cake for pudding. It really was a lovely evening! A few of us had a nightcap and then it was off to those comfy beds.  Up early for breakfast and a morning to explore the grounds before heading back to London!

When holding your corporate event at Leeds Castle, there are three types of accommodation available.  The Castle State Rooms (eight in total) which consists of eight charming rooms, many of which offering breath-taking views over the moat.   The castle bedrooms (seven in total) are  styled around members of the housekeeping staff during the 1920s and a further 17 bedrooms are available in Stable Courtyard, just a few minutes walk away from the Castle Island. The Maiden’s Tower, on the Castle Island, has five en-suite bedrooms offering complete luxury for the hosts and their guests.  Currently the 24 hour rate is only £245 plus vat which is amazing when you consider the experience you are giving your delegates.

In terms of activity options, you are spoilt for choice.  Just a short drive away you have Go Ape which is one of the best team building activities around.  You have golf, falconry and Segways as well and can bring anything in (within reason).

We loved our FAM to Leeds Castle and feel so privileged to be able to showcase all these amazing hotels, venues and spaces that would work so well for corporate both in and around London.Leeds Castle 10

If you would like any more information on Leeds Castle or to host one of our corporate FAM tips or events, drop us a line.

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