Mentorship Programme – applications closed for 2019

As Eventprofslive grows we are continually astounded by the amount of talent, ambition and drive we have within the membership. Over the past few months, we have had lots of requests either to be mentors, recommend mentors or to be mentored so we thought what better time to launch our own programme.

Our aim is to match mentors and mentees from within the network and the rest is up to you whether you want to meet every month or bi-monthly – have phone calls or meet for coffee. The structure is flexible and we are happy to provide guidance.

Our programme requires a long term commitment (six months minimum) from both parties and by becoming a mentor you become a personal advocate for your mentee. Your role is not to advise but to guide and we feel it is a great privilege. On the flip side, as a mentee, you are also helping shape your mentors’ career by allowing them to hone in on their leadership and management skills, both fundamental when trying to progress to that next step in their careers.

We think our programme is going to be great, we aim to start 1 June and carry through until the end of the year where we will, of course, have an event to celebrate the outcomes and learnings.

Our programme is closed for 2019 but if you would like to register your interest in our programme for 2020 please subscribe below. There is no charge to members for our 2019 programme and a charge of £100 for non-members.